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azymut recording studio provides audio-related services realized on world- class hardware. the space is outfitted with one of the most robust sets of analog equipment in silesia, poland.

azymut is also a publishing house.

how to get


azymut is made of people brought together by a shared passion for sound

the team:

paweł pindur

founder of the recording studio

jakub mokrzysiak

sound engineer and music producer

matylda badera

sm communication, publishing activities

mateusz dudziński

studio booking, tech stuff


the recording studio is equipped with the SSL XL-Desk console – a modern version of the classic analog studio console. this entirely analog mixing table is additionally outfitted with eight preamps: Chandler Limited Germanium, Chandler Limited TG-2, Shadow Hills Mono GAMA and Neve 1073.

outboard i daw

among external devices, we count the Purple Audio MC77 compressors – based on the classic 1176 model – the universal Empirical Labs Distressor, as well as Looptrotter Monster and Looptrotter Emperor – belonging to the „bold” group of devices, which allow to bring out a sound’s deepest details. the recording studio is also equipped with two Antelope Orion 32+ converters allowing digital processing of sound.


the studio’s main audition monitors are the Barefoot MicroMain35 Gen2, equipped with the Multi Emphasis Monitor EmulationTM technology. they guarantee clarity in the entire sound spectrum. they are complemented by the Yamaha NS-10 and Avanton Cube monitors, which are studio standards.


a wide range of classic, analog synthesizers are used to create sound: Moog Voyager, Moog Sub Phatty, DSI Prophet 12, Roland Juno-60, Korg Polysix, DSI Mopho, DSI Tetra, Siel DK600, Elektron Analog Four, Elektron Rytm, Cyclone Analogic TT-303. the selection is rounded out by an authorial modular synthesizer and the Nord Lead 4 digital synthesizer.


the studio is equipped with high-end condenser microphones, including an original Neumann U87 from the ‘70s, which boasts a remarkably low level of self-noise. other microphones featured in the studio are: AKG C414, Sennheiser SM-81, Oktava MK 319 and Shure Beta 91A. the collection is rounded out by dynamic microphones: Sennheiser MD-421, Shure SM57, Shure SM7B, Shure Beta 52, AKG D 112 and Audix i5.

full hardware list (pdf)


publisher –

the Azymut brand also includes a publishing house, which helps artists record their debut tracks and make their first steps in the music industry. the label also cooperates with experienced musicians.


SKAN Records

an independent, young label operated by Jakub Mokrzysiak working under the Azymut publishing house. Oscillating around widely understood electronics, not limited to the stylistic boundaries of any genre. The label is promoted by a series of podcasts, so far they have been invited to cooperate: CHINO (PL), TONFA, (PL), Dietroiter (DE) oraz PLAL (PL).